Burns Longer

In most applications our fire starters will burn approximately 12-14 minutes. Unique design increases flame height and
heat! All the time you need to start your intended fire.


Our fire starters are waterproof…they even float! If they get wet simply shake off the excess water and follow the easy
lighting instructions.


Safe & Non-Toxic

Fire starters are made of purified wax and refined wood particles. No dangerous emissions or particles are given off during the burn process. The all-natural ingredients impart no chemical smell or taste. Once the fire has consumed the fire starter completely, the leftover residue is carbon ash (environmentally friendly.) Plus, cleanup is safe an easy. The residue can simply be left alone or swept away along with the remnants of your fire.

No Lighter Fluid Needed

Liquid lighter fluid can be explosive, and if accidentally consumed, it can be injurious or fatal. Our fire starters are non-toxic, non-explosive and will not cause “flare-ups” when lighting. And while lighter fluid is outright dangerous for use in indoor wood-burning fireplaces or stoves, our product is safer to use indoors. No chemicals doesn’t mean a weaker result; the flame height will typically reach 15-20 inches during the optimal portion of the burn, and reach temperatures in excess of 1000° F!

Get the same bang for your buck with our fire starters, and ditch messy, smelly lighter fluid for good!


Venturi Effect

Our fire starters use the Venturi Effect to create a roaring fire in minutes! During combustion of the fire starter, a Venturi Effect is created by a flow of air to the aperture, providing a high, intense flame. The unique shape of our fire starters accelerates burning and increases fire starting efficiency.